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I taught at a school in Dover for 7 years. Now, you may question how that qualified me to suddenly jump into a copywriting role. During my 10-year teaching career I had to pitch so many concepts to so many unwilling people; delivering a staff development session on fire safety on a balmy July afternoon after school......check, teaching a class of sixteen-year olds about the dangers of alcohol...check. 

My success criteria so far have been that no one has walked out. If you need someone who can adapt their writing to ensure that the User Experience is enjoyable, I have bucket loads of experience. As a result of my years of teaching and editing, I ended up doing copywriting bits on the side, which led me to decide to take up copywriting full time.

Over my copywriting career, I have worked on social media campaigns for both international and developing businesses, successfully creating a wider audience for them. However, my main focus has been aimed towards creating SEO worthy and reader friendly web content for a variety of clients. I've also copyedited work for advertising and design clients, and have created a learning plan for small businesses to get their social media on track.

Following what can only be described as a year from hell; cancer, death, lost clients, I decided to set up Kitchen Table Creative. As a Director of a not-for-profit content agency, I get to do the bits of teaching and support that I really always enjoyed, alongside writing stuff for people and making them sound amazing. For me the most compelling part of doing what I do is that I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to sound good. No-one’s business should be held back by badly chosen words.

Why copywriting? I love playing with words and language. It's fascinating to see how a change in language can make a target audience suddenly interested. Also, 20 years ago, my teachers told me I should go into a career in writing. I should have listened to them, just proving, once and for all, that teachers are always right.



Most likely to say:

Curiosity – what’s that about?

Where are my keys?

In the end, only kindness matters (and wine).

It’s so lovely to see you here at the kitchen table! Now, I know you haven’t got all day, so I’ll be as quick as I can.

I’ve always loved art, and words. I took a foundation course in art and design, then an Honours degree and a Masters in History and Theory of Art. Back in education as a lecturer, I taught hundreds of fine art, graphic design, architecture and fashion students, and loved their energy, humour and creativity.

But higher education was changing, becoming less about students and more about marketing, money and meetings. My god, the endless, pointless meetings…

So I set up an agency to help businesses improve their marketing. Having been on the receiving end of so much poor communication, I was sure I could do better. It needed to be a process of discovery and collaboration – work out what the message should be and then find the best way to get that across to the people on the receiving end of every website, letter, Tweet, blog post or brochure.

I wanted to produce materials that were original and not just copied from every other business or institution. To avoid cliché and jargon, to understand and empathise, and be critical when necessary. And as a consultant, designer and copywriter for startups and medium-sized companies, in all kinds of sectors, I did just that.

Working as a consultant for the oil company Shell International, rewriting and redesigning the online design guide for Shell company websites all round the world was exciting enough. But I then helped design and launch Shell’s global online SAP business portal, working for two years between London and The Hague as part of an international team and managing the communications for the entire project. Shortly afterwards, Deutsche Post asked me provide communications, marketing and information design for DHL, which was about to launch in the UK…

Later, it was on to the Department of Health as a consultant, writer, editor and designer for new digital training materials for health professionals dealing with violence and abuse in Adult Mental Health Assessments, focusing on child sexual abuse.

Working on campaigns for Sopexa,the French government’s food and drink marketing agency, meant translating research material into English and producing advertising and marketing copy for leaflets, in-house and press advertising. This appeared in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda supermarkets and in the BBC’s Olive and Good Food magazines, among other outlets.

I hugely enjoyed being an invited speaker at European Association of International Education (EAIE) Conferences, in Leipzig and Maastricht, giving workshops on Cross-Cultural Networking Skills at those and other venues.

And I’m now sitting at that big old kitchen table with Heather, planning world domination – or to be more specific, some great projects with talented and enthusiastic business owners…



Commercial Director

Tabitha is the newest member of the team and slipped into her place at the Kitchen Table like a dream. As an expert in integrated marketing, she ensures that all the elements a business needs to be successful, such as sales, PR and social media, work seamlessly together.

As someone who recognises just how vital communication is to the success of businesses and organisations, Tabitha helps the KTC team understand your current situation and future ambitions, so we can help you get to where you’d like to be, in a way that suits your business and your budget.

Tabitha is experienced in Professional Services Marketing, and a specialist in Legal Marketing. She develops and implements sound, practical social media policies for a wide range of clients across all sectors, and oversees their effective use – and she’s a wizard at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

In addition, Tabitha is a full member of The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and qualified in Digital Business via the Academy of Digital Business Leaders. She has managed six-figure budgets, and is experienced in making Tender, Bid, Panel and Award applications.

If we tell you that Tabitha is also a boundary-crossing creative artist and bakes utterly delicious vegan cakes, you’ll understand why she is a perfect fit for Kitchen Table Creative. And Chief Planning Officer Geoff, with his customary impeccable taste, agrees.


Chief IT and Communications Officer

Sitting on laptops has given Marsha an intuitive working knowledge of a variety of technical features and security settings.

Her unique 'on the job' training has helped the team find a range of helpful hidden short cuts and security controls. No device escapes her attention to detail. From phones and tablets to Macbooks and PCs, her inquisitive nature enables her to fully access security settings with the gentle mashing of a paw on a keyboard. 

Marsha loves to be at the centre of every Kitchen Table board meeting and has assisted in developing a number of significant communication strategies.