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International Coffee Day

Who has forgotten that social media should be fun?

There’s that moment when faced with a blinking cursor and a neglected social media feed, that panic can set in.  But fear not, there are a ridiculous about of internet celebration days that you can celebrate! I am not talking about fundraising charity days, where cakes are made, and wigs are worn in aid of…


Taking a seat at the table

The potential life impact of agreeing to meet for a chat over coffee and cake should never be underestimated. I had met Heather previously at a working lunch hosted by a shared acquaintance; she could not stay to the end as she had to a attend a very well organised pub crawl – there was…

A well-used copy of Roget's Thesaurus, used by a copywriter

What does a copywriter do?

To answer the question “What does a copywriter do?” we first have to ask what precisely a copywriter is. For those of us who haven’t been copywriters, the word, “copywriter” seems pretty simple to explain. It’s someone who writes copy, no? Okay, what is “copy” then? Copy can be described as how words are combined…


The life of a freelancer

When I gave up my secure and well-paid job 7 months ago my friends and colleagues frequently would ask me how I planned to survive. “I’m going to be a copywriter” I would reply, “Freelance!” I’d then smugly describe my dreams of late starts and time employed on the golf course, improving my drive, in…

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 14.42.28

Chip off the old block

I belong to a wonderful blogging group called WhitPress. Every month we meet up and Jonathan, the leader, sets topics for us to write about. Last month they were Mother’s Day and chocolate, which sent me and Annie into a bit of a spin as we both don’t have mothers anymore. That can happen with…

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

Reasons to love your copywriter

I think that I could safely say that I love my hairdresser. I would walk over hot coals to maintain the pinkness of my hair. I love my mechanic too, trusting him to do things that I am totally incapable of, like checking the brakes on my car. They are people who are entrusted with…


Make it memorable

Until yesterday evening it would be safe to argue that the majority of the population had never heard of Elon Musk or Tesla Cars, that was until Elon Musk (a person, not an aftershave) launched a cherry red convertible Tesla into orbit. As a marketing stunt, it is certainly memorable. It would be interesting to…


Change can be good for business, but don’t go overboard

So, farewell 2017. Oh, you were memorable, but for all the wrong reasons, and I won’t miss you for a millisecond. So much change, most of it for the worse. And I know lots of others who feel the same. For those of us coping with events we can’t control, January can be tough. Because,…


Social media shouldn’t be difficult

I’m going to sound like a dog with a bone here (term courtesy of the latest Whitpress competition), but social media is not that difficult/scary/worrying/*insert another term here*. One of the most frequent enquiries that we deal with is from small businesses who are scared by social media. Whether they have been told that updating…


The power of good content

When I was studying Politics at University, my first lecturer stood up and told us to look around. “Politics is everywhere”, he said, “From the smallest conversation between a parent and a child to international diplomacy. It is a beating heart that threads its way through humanity.” (Or words to that extent.) The same could…