CS Heating & Plumbing

The Brief

CS Heating & Plumbing is a successful local plumbing and heating firm operating across south-east Kent.

Originally formed 10 years ago by owners Calvin and Sophie, their business had outgrown their homebuilt website. They had a new website, cleverly built by Fairly Marvellous, waiting in the wings, but didn’t have the words to bring it to life.

CS Heating & Plumbing

Bringing the work to the Kitchen Table

Heather already knew the CS team, but Annie hadn’t met them, so we sent her along to their offices to drink tea and find out what made them tick.

Sometimes, sitting down and chatting to the client can help us to gather their tone of voice and how they want to portray their business.

Here’s what we discovered:

  • They were keen to make the language as simple and easy to understand as possible
  • They wanted to appear trustworthy and experienced, without confusing the reader
  • The team is very much a family
  • It became very clear that they believe that everyone should have access to warmth and sanitation
  • We needed to ensure that the content was informative, but also incorporated plumbing and heating SEO keywords

What we did

Splitting the content between us, the KTC team focussed on individual pages, highlighting pain points and combining them with humanity and a modicum of humour. We were very clear that we wanted to incorporate terms that visitors would type into Google, which led to a series of questions on each page, including “is your toilet making a funny noise?”

We also decided to pull the concept of warmth in across all pages related to heating and boilers. Aside from directly referring to ‘warmth’ we also tailored the content to appear warm and friendly, making them sound approachable and welcoming (after all, their team have to be welcomed into homes to get their work done).

It’s very rare to have two copywriters working on the same project, but we were able to seamlessly blend our contributions together to create an overall tone of voice which reflected a warm, caring, and conscientious team.

What the client said

Heather and Annie have written the content for our website. It is heart-warming to see that they listen and get across exactly what my business is all about.

Sophie Smith, CS Heating & Plumbing