Change can be good for business, but don’t go overboard

So, farewell 2017. Oh, you were memorable, but for all the wrong reasons, and I won’t miss you for a millisecond. So much change, most of it for the worse. And I know lots of others who feel the same.

For those of us coping with events we can’t control, January can be tough. Because, of course, change is so much more than just a word in those annoying ‘New Year, New You’ pieces that all journalists must file on pain of death. (Or colonic irrigation.)

Change can come out of nowhere, without warning. It can feel totally overwhelming, however experienced and confident you are. And, let’s not forget, if you’re running a small business or are part of a little team in a larger enterprise, you’re already doing something both difficult and brave.

Change, on your terms…

So don’t make life harder for yourself. Think about the coming year: what would improve the way you work and the results you want? Then make your New Year business resolutions realistic and achievable. Don’t go overboard – if you take on too much at one time, you are likely to miss your target and feel as if you have failed.

Change can be good for business but don't go overboardLittle steps, small successes, big smiles and less stress. This year, let’s be kind to ourselves and nurture, not nuke, our work-patterns and wellbeing. That way, we’ll enjoy the change we help set in motion and pass our positive vibes on to our clients, customers, friends and family.

So, no need to launch the lifeboats in 2018. And if you feel you are too close to your business to be objective about the signals you are sending out on social media, contact us. We’ll give you our honest opinion and help you plot a smooth course in the coming year. Bon voyage!

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