Thank you for the laptops

When we first set up Kitchen Table Creative as a CIC we had some grand ideas about providing workshops to help new businesses get themselves ahead. There was just one small problem, our potential learner base didn’t have laptops and we didn’t have the money to buy them.

You see, as a not-for-profit we try to save our clients money by keeping our prices low, while at the same time keeping our overheads to a minimum. There’s a reason why we’re called Kitchen Table, it’s because we run from one, no fancy coffee machines for us, just a jar of instant and a kettle. So, the sudden realisation that we would have to find a few thousand pounds just to have the resources to educate start-ups floored us.

We collectively scratched our heads and decided to do what any good CIC would do, apply for funding. The funders loved our ideas, but weren’t so keen on paying for something that could be considered a company asset, namely laptops. We sat, despondently sipping our instant coffee and deliberated what our next move was. After all, a CIC isn’t really fulfilling itself if it isn’t doing something for the community, a bit like a car without a battery.

Enter LP Networks, stage right. LP Networks are a fantastic team of lovely IT geeks who look after everything to do with your IT infrastructure. That would be internet security, cloud systems and keeping company laptops up to date.

Did someone just say laptops?

As a part of their MSP service they update PCs and laptops for their clients when they have reached their end of life.  So whilst these reconditioned laptops are up to date and beautiful in our eyes, because they do everything we need them to do, they were no longer up to the rigours of everyday office

Reconditioned laptops you say…

Tabitha approached LP Networks with our story, information about who we wanted to help, and a very sad face. We forgot to mention the other wonderful thing about LP, they take corporate social responsibility very seriously. Aside from running a number of fundraising initiatives for charities they also donate reconditioned laptops and devices to good causes.

Can you tell what the next bit of the story is going to be yet?

We now have 4 lovely reconditioned laptops, ready and waiting for when we begin the next stage of our CIC plans. We can’t thank LP Networks enough. Their amazing generosity has meant that we will be able to begin helping people grow their businesses out of the acorns of their ideas, and all without putting our prices up.

So, with glasses and mugs of coffee raised, thank you LP Networks for all of your help and support.

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